Creating a digital workforce​

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Digital technologies are revolutionising the way that organisations interact with their employees and improving the employee experience with new digital platforms, apps and ways of providing HR services.

In today's highly competitive world, your organisation is only as innovative and successful as the talent it attracts and develops.  By adding the emerging role of digital technologies in almost every aspect of our lives, it becomes clear that a new digital era is about to take the lead.

The latest technologies now allow Human Resources (HR) leaders to revolutionise the employee experience through new digital platforms, social media, apps, and innovative ways of providing HR services.  This highlights the role of HR executives, who are increasingly being called upon to serve as strategic partners and transformational leaders, rather than just process followers and document-routing coordinators.

So what are the benefits of a digital workplace?

  • Better integration and flexibility.
  • Real-time information and insights.
  • Cost effectiveness and productivity.

And what are the first steps towards a digital workplace?

  • Get buy-in from managers and employees.
  • Align processes and systems to business objectives.
  • Use the right tools to manage change.
  • Create a digital mind set.

What does good look like for a digital workforce?

A digital workforce will be more efficient and have greater wellbeing, which it will gain through efficient tools to maximise productivity, develop and empower employees  to provide a solution that focuses on real-time access, decision-making, and immediate results.  This can be achieved by integrating analytics and reporting as standard functionality.​

Managers will have access to platforms and applications that enable access to real-time information and trigger real-time analysis, increasing the time that HR and business leaders can spend analysing data and solving problems, instead of having to manually create periodic reports.  The application will provide valuable and attractive reports.  Access can be from anywhere at any time and collaboration should possible between multiple functions and employees.