Engaging end user journeys

Reviewing the end to end lifecycle to understand the priorities and opportunities to adopt innovation and improve

Understanding what customers want to experience when they touch your business helps to create engaging user journeys that meet their expectations.  It helps you understand how to operate efficiently and intelligently to satisfy their demands.

Organisations digitise end-to-end business processes and services to provide excellent journeys for both customers and employees - identifying and verifying the most valuable customer journeys in the context of businesses performance, capability and future plans. This work can then be refined to create recommendations to redesign the entire experience, creating prototypes that define the user experience quickly and efficiently.

Any change in your user journey for customers or employees has the potential to have a major impact on the business, which could be either positive or negative.  That is why a collaborative approach using workshops is key. This helps break down a silo views of requirements and  prioritises the task into manageable activities that can be measured, tested and implemented in a structured manner for maximum benefit and minimum risk.

To maximise the benefits of this type of analysis you should consider:

  • Mapping your existing customer experience in detail.
  • Redesigning your customer journey to match both customer and business requirements.
  • Creating and developing a single customer view.
  • Under go a business impact analysis - commercial modelling of different scenarios and their impact.