Digital operations

Digital insights - Business optimisation

Integrating technology and automation into your business can transform your service operations. There is an impact on contact centres, back offices, branch operations and mobile workforces - increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving quality.

Our experience in businesses throughout the UK and Europe has shown that the fastest and most significant improvements occur when lean methodologies are supported with the right technology.  Our skills in lean processes and their implementation combined with a pragmatic use of IT and technology have produced immediate benefits, which we see sustained into longer-term improvements.

We have seen the importance of aligning processes and structures, to enable people to work smarter, and get functional departments to cooperate more smoothly.  People naturally elaborate work rather than simplify it, which creates waste - that must be removed by improving processes.

The approach is to use many techniques - Lean, Six Sigma, and analysis of processes, activities and tasks - to determine the changes that can improve the way work is done.  The goal is almost always the same, to achieve better financial results by increasing effectiveness, removing wasted effort and raising productivity to help cope with new, more challenging, circumstances.

Our services include:

  • Introductory workshop and knowledge sharing for the whole team.
  • Understand what can be transformed and what should be transformed.
  • Consider process design, improvement and implementation with technology in mind - what is the art of the possible?
  • Develop a plan for the workforce and how you will plan in the future.