Keith Exford

On 13th March 2014 we held a dinner at the Royal Automobile Club in London with Keith Exford, Group Chief Executive of Affinity Sutton Group


Jane Ashcroft, Chief Executive Officer - Anchor Trust

Pat Brandum, Chief Executive Officer - WM Housing Group

John Burt, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Investments and Initiatives) - Symphony Housing Group

Steve Coffey, Chief Executive Officer - Liverpool Mutual Homes

Alison Hadden, Chief Executive Officer - Paradigm Housing Group

Nancy Hollendoner, Senior Adviser - Smith Square Partners

Alan Humphreys, Group Chief Executive - Grand Union Housing Group

Peter McCormack, Chief Executive Officer - Derwent Living

Ian Munro, Chief Executive Officer - New Charter Homes

Jane Preece, Director of Organisational Development and Company Secretary - Walsall Housing Group

Alison Thain, Group Chief Executive - Fabrick Housing Group